A transfrontier odyssey
on the road of chance

A project by Patrick Beaulieu

Atlantic City, NJ – March 4-6, 2012
Las Vegas, NV – July 7-21, 2012

In July 2012, Patrick Beaulieu and Daniel Canty travelled to the heart of the Nevada desert and abandoned themselves to fate. They first tried their luck under the neon lights of the Las Vegas strip, triggering a chain reaction that propelled them on a voyage entirely determined by chance encounters.

For 21 days, they rode in a 1968 Dodge Dart muscle car nicknamed the “Magic Dart”, a symbol-studded Wheel of Fortune affixed to its hood, seeking what happens at the right place and time. Conversations with various artisans of destiny—card and palm readers, astrologists, geomancers, oracles, meteorologists, physicists and statisticians—and all those who make their own luck, punctuated their odyssey.

21 turns of fate
21 questions of luck

Make your bets
Let the wheels spin
And honk for luck

1. Youthful Folly

Youth can give with one hand what it will take back with the other.

2. The Army

Might has only one right: to be itself, and nothing more.

3. The Walk

The horizon assures that walking means not falling, over and over.

4. The Crowd

Who are we when we are more than ourselves?

5. Fortune

Fortune spares no one’s burden.

6. Decline

Every thing contains its own shadow, or something like it.

7. Contemplation

Turn your gaze inward to meet the world.

8. Punishment

The foundation of our certainty is the executioner’s block.

9. Grace

A life can go astray looking for a state of no return.

10. Innocence

Innocence is dearest to those who lack it.

11. The Unfathomable

At the hollow centre of the world, the heart shines in its absence.

12. Power

In the immutable order of things, what lies beyond lies only in our eyes.

13. Progress

Whatever runs without rest wanders without a way.

14. The Dark

Night falls without end, but darkness stops.

15. The Clan

Those we become belong only to themselves.

16. Freedom

One gesture can end what seems without end.

17. Revolution

Time turning incessantly on itself sometimes finds its centre.

18. Abundance

Doubt desire and its absence equally.

19. The Traveller

No matter how we lose our way, we must learn how to find ourselves.

20. The Limit

Having reached its own self, the horizon turns back into itself.

21. Faith

Always consider what you will ignore as the most faithful mirror.

chance travellers

Vegas was launched in Atlantic City, on the east side of luck, in the spring of 2012. This summer, a second chapter will take place in and around Las Vegas. In the fall, our chance travellers will meet in the town of Luck, WI, to conclude their 21 day odyssey.

Vegas is the last chapter of a trilogy of transfrontier odysseys. Monarch Vector (2007) tracked, by land, the physical and metaphorical signs of the migration of monarch butterflies across North America, while Ventury (2010) took as its starting point Chicago, the Windy City, to follow a route entirely determined by the will of the wind.


Patrick Beaulieu is a multidisciplinary artist. His work uses fragments found in nature to question diverse states of matter. He creates transfrontier odysseys through which he reveals, using installations, videos, photos and in-situ interventions, the essence of an experience. His works have been presented in various countries, and can be found in a number of public and private collections, or integrated into architecture. He is represented by Galerie Art Mûr in Montréal

Daniel Canty

Daniel Canty is an author and director. He creates books, films and narrative interfaces and environments. He has just published a novel, Wigrum (La Peuplade, 2011) and signed, at the beginning of 2011, the libretto for Operator, an electroluminescent automata imagined by Mikko Hynninen and presented at Lux Helsinki. His last film, Longuay, combines the gazes of an archaic abbey and a digital tablet. He teaches indisciplinary writing at the National Theatre School of Canada.

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A transfrontier odyssey on the road of chance

A project by Patrick Beaulieu
with Daniel Canty

Website created by Patrick Beaulieu and Daniel Canty
Writing Daniel Canty
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Wheel of fortune Atelier du Bronze Art Foundry, Inverness
Conjuror Mario Fortin (Magik M)
Composer Hernani Villaseñor
Copyediting Oana Avasilichioaei (English) and Pierrette Tostivint (French)
Special thanks to Amélie Jeannotte, Estela López Solís, Ève Dorais,
Antonio Moore and Martin Vaillancourt

The 21 turns of fate result from the conjunction of the I Ching or
Book of Changes
and various facets of Americana.


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Chance traveller

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